Paradox Tauranga Street Art Festival

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Hailing from Brisbane, Sofles is fast becoming one of the world’s most widely known and respected street artists. He is a member of the graffiti art crew TMD and has become an internet sensation through his viral film Limitless shot by videographer Selina Miles.

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Paradox Inside work: Perspexive 2

His work on Perspex came about after discovering the interesting method of painting onto the back of clear materials. By painting onto Perspex it is possible to break down a 2D image into multiple, layered parts. This allows the viewer to physically walk through the layers seeing each abstracted element of this overlapping, 3D art puzzle slowly coming together. When visitors see the work from the viewing point, the final image can be seen as a complete whole.

Paradox Outside work: untitled

Watch Sofles' work coming to life


Photography: Luke Shirlaw

Videography: Selina Miles