Paradox Tauranga Street Art Festival

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As a street artist best known for his haunting, stylised images of women’s faces, Rone understands better than most that beauty can be fleeting. Seeing his artworks gradually worn away by natural and human elements has taught him to appreciate the unexpected beauty of an image as it begins to blend back into its surroundings.

Melbourne based Rone is an inveterate traveller, his distinctive female muses have followed him around the world, and can be found – in various states of decay – peering out from beneath overpasses and emblazoned on walls everywhere from New York to New Zealand and many places in between.

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Paradox Inside: EMPTY Virtual Reality (3 Minutes)

Inside an immersive virtual reality video experience, Rone offers visitors a chance to explore the epically derelict spaces he has painted, photographed and recorded. These spaces now no longer exist, erased from the physical world along with the works the artist created within them.

"Abandoned and devoid of life, some locations continue to tell their story. Empty spaces echo the past as life moves on."  

In his atmospheric virtual reality film Empty VR, Lester Francois invites you into the abandoned spaces where Rone's evocative murals sit alone.

Lester Francois is a documentary filmmaker, currently developing a series of VR shorts about international street artists including Rone. He produced and directed the feature documentary Game Loading: Rise of the Indies (2015), about independent game creators. 

This screening is powered by Virtual Reality Cinema – a dedicated space showcasing works in the emerging craft of VR experiences.

Spark has generously supported this project with Google VR headsets and Samsung Galaxy S6 handsets. 

Photography: Luke Shirlaw and Rone